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Nano Ceramic Coating
Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating

Lat 26° Nano Ceramic Coating is the best ceramic coating to come to the marine industry! Specifically formulated for marine paints and gelcoats resulting in a deep gloss that lasts! Two coats will provide a years worth of protection. Incredible repellency against exhaust, dirt, saltwater and great protection against yellowing and oxidation. 
1 oz = 300 sqft of coverage
No Certification Process is Needed with Lat 26° Nano Ceramic Coatings! Although we do STRONGLY recommend watching our Instructional video below & visiting our Ceramic FAQ page -->  Lat 26°'s Nano Ceramic FAQ  
For use on Marine Paints & Gelcoats. Apply with a Lat 26° Applicator. Wipe on in one direction, in thin coats, then allow product to “flash” after 30 - 60 seconds depending on temperature. Wipe thoroughly with a new or clean microfiber rag to remove excess product and activate shine. Apply 2 coats for thorough protection. Apply 3 coats for maximum effectiveness. Allow 10 minutes of drying time between each coat.

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