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Independent Reviewers Videos

All the reviews on this page are the true & honest opinion of the individual reviewers. While Lat 26° provided sample products for some of these videos, we also included specific instructions asking the reviewers to state their honest opinion, regardless if it was positive or negative. If you have any questions about the reviews listed on this page, please contact the reviewers directly.

"UV Protect Off-Label Use: Vehicle Interiors" - David Dziergowski (Youtube)

"Fine Polish Side-by-Side" - Jay Merkel (Youtube)

"Polish Face Off: The End Result will Surprise You!" - CarNewba Detailing (Youtube)

"FULL HEADLIGHT RESTORATION: Easy Step By Step Process!" - CarNewba Detailing (Youtube)

"Lat 26 Uv Protect, Carbon Guard Detail Wax: Quality Boat & Car Detailing Products!" - CarNewba Detailing (Youtube)

"Sample Box Opening" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"Liking the Boat Soap" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"All Purpose Clean is Aggressive!" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"AWESOME PAINT SEALANT" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"The Other Fast Finish" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"Spray Wax/Quick Detailer - Lat 26 Making it Easy" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"Lat 26 Compound & Fine Polish - Are They Good On Headlights?" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"Great Quick Detailer - Lat 26 Detail Wax" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"How to Remove Paint Oxidation" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"Lat 26 Carbon Guard & UV Protect Update" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"Best Spray Wax In Direct Sun Light" - Million Reflections (Youtube)

"Lat 26 Degrees Carbon Guard Application and Removal on Automotive Glass" - Nelson Miller (Youtube)

"Lat 26 Degrees Water test On Automotive Glass" - Nelson Miller (Youtube)

"Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax VS. Lat 26 Degrees UV Protect part 1" - Nelson Miller (Youtube)

"Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax VS. Lat 26 Degrees UV Protect part 2" - Nelson Miller (Youtube)