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Carbon Guard® - Lat 26 Degrees
Carbon Guard® - Lat 26 Degrees

Carbon Guard®

Powerful polymer-based synthetic wax designed to seal and protect finishes from black streaks, engine exhaust, industrial fallout, acid rain and UV rays. It seals and protects paint, gel coat, hypalon, vinyl, rubber as well as hard plastic surfaces. May be used independently or on top of UV Protect for the ultimate protection.

Carbon Guard is recommended to use on White Paint, as well as, Exhaust & Black Streak Areas


Apply sealant to a clean, polished and well-prepared surface. Use a small amount on a foam applicator and wipe until surface is thoroughly covered then wipe off excess with a clean microfiber towel. This product can also be applied using a Random Orbital with a Black Sealing Pad or with another soft foam sealing pad. Product becomes fully cured in 24 hours but can get wet within an hour however for best results wait 8 hours before getting surface wet.

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