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Teak Bright

Lat 26° Teak Bright is very effective at brightening teak decks, teak furniture, wooden decks and other wooden surfaces whenever needed. It also effectively removes rust stains in the wood. It is easy to use and safe on most surrounding surfaces.


Each pound of Lat 26˚ Teak Bright is sufficient for 400 square feet of teak depending on the condition and age of the wood. Pour contents into bucket and spread onto wet teak using a deck scrub pad (white or “soft” pad) or similar pad. There is no need to scrub the product into the surface simply spread evenly over area. Teak will immediately start to brighten. Once area is sufficiently bright thoroughly rinse off product from wood and surrounding areas.


Water (7732-18-5); Oxalic Acid (6153-56-6); Non-ionic surfactant (n/a)


Keep this product and all chemicals away from skin and eye contact. KEEP AWAY FROM REACH OF CHILDREN.


Skin: flush exposed area with water. Remove all contaminated clothing. Prolonged or repeated contact can cause moderate irritation. Eyes: flood with large amounts water at least 20 minutes and get immediate medical attention if irritation persists. Can cause irritation, redness, tearing and blurred vision. Swallowing: can cause, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Can be fatal. Do not induce vomiting. Drink two glasses of milk. Seek medical attention immediately.


Read and follow directions carefully. More detailed information on this product can be found at www.lat26degrees.com. Lat 26˚ is not responsible for inappropriate use of this product. It is unlawful to use this product in a manner inconsistent with the instructions given on the label.